Nothing is something worth doing

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Jennifer. 17. South Florida.

It's all happening.


You are a beautiful sunflower as well!

Thank you so much lovely!


What are we?
Are we the cigarettes that we smoke?
Or are we the alcohol that we drink?
Are we the makeup that we wear?
Or are we all one colossal ship waiting to sink?
Are we the sound trees make in a storm?
Or are we the gentle breeze of other peoples breath?
Are we alone in this world or are we surrounded by endless amounts of grandeur? Chasing life but never quite catching it.
Are we the emotions that we feel or just vague representations of other peoples perceptions.
We are all just wild, hairy, smelly animals that can’t be caged without a rabid bite to another’s soul.
We are all of these things.
We are none if these things.
We are everything and nothing simultaneously.
We are dreams of past lives and I hope we rise to expectations.